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Association “Genitorialità” (Parenting)  is participating since July 2013 in  the Lifelong Learning Programme with a “Grundtvig Learning Partnership”, aimed at adult education.

The project was created and developed through collaboration with partner institutions in Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Spain and Turkey, and bears the title :

Conflict mediation to optimize communication in educational , social and cultural environment

The aim is to share experiences , practices and strategies, compare different socio-cultural contexts and to achieve international interventions aimed at conflict mediation .

The project is in line with the aims of our association as it promotes thinking, training and dissemination of methodologies and means that are useful to those who work in social enviroments.


For more information on our projects related to Grundtvig, please contact :

Ursula Napoli ( project coordinator )


e- mail: ursula.napoli@

cell: 3337282530



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